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Welcoming Back- New Year Greetings for 2017

Firstly ,welcome back after the holiday, my post is delayed but I have had a busy start to 2017 and time ran completely away with me. But I'm sure most of you, if not all started the year with much vigour and determination.

This year for me according to the stars is the year for business, relationships and much more. Now I take much of what's forecasted for us Sagis with a pinch of optimism and hopefulness. For anything that will be fruitful will ultimately be down to hard work, commitment and drive. I have all in abundance and much more.

So with the above in mind, my blog this year will take a new focus. Fashion and Lifestyle joys will still be my love but as I'm starting a new business, I will be posting little pieces of my work, which I would welcome any feedback on.

2017 is the year of prosperity and with this I wish you all a very successful year ahead, try something new, be brave in your decisions, make less excuses for your failing and be more Kind. For me this is the most important. 

Kindness heals all woes, so be kind along the way, open up, listen to others, share good fortunes, be generous both with your time, love and emotions.  Lets make this year one of spiritual enlightenment that embraces diversity and grow the love bank that embraces the world.

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