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Say Yes to New Adventures - Seek Inspiration for 2017

Some days, success is about luck, or talent, or skill. But most days, success is about wrestling failure to the ground until it screams uncle.

- Sally Hogshead-

I could not have put it better myself.. Seeking inspiration is daunting, it requires a level of thinking only open to those who seek out learning and who are adaptable to the notion that their is always an alternative way.

You have to be somewhat open minded to new ideas, possibilities and experiences. You can't always be reserved; without seeking to know if it's right or wrong or simply indifferent.

Now don't confuse my opinions with fact. 

You have to learn for yourself through exploration, others can merely introduce you to the idea but beyond that you have to challenge your mind to understand, decipher and decide, either way.  

I am enlightened by new challenges, gaining something every time. I have become tolerant to what I may find indifferent based on my upbringing but I'm glad I have the wisdom to know that all I see isn't to be believed, that all I hear is not the truth and that those I touch will have lasting memories.

Get your inspiration from whatever touches your spirit, if you like it, share it. You won't please everyone and that's the purpose of living, not to be confused with just existence but to show others what your mind holds regardless of the meaning. 

With that, comes responsibility, if you offend, you have to deal with the realities, so be sure that what you expose to others is what you truly represent.. 'once said it can't be undone, maybe merely forgiven'.

So be inspired. 

Read more, gossip less, explore the world, travel more. You build the mind, body and spirit, challenging your thinking and perceptions.

Live,Love,Life. xoxo

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