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Its all About Self-Care for 2017. Reinvest your Energy into yourself First, then the rest will fall into place.

Often we find who we are through the torments of Life. We define our existence through situations that arise, often we seldom know ourselves without temptations. Self Love opens the opportunities of a lifetime, it's the stuff that only comes from loving ones self without conviction; Without judgements and accepting our imperfections. To love ones self is to love without conditions. When you accept yourself you grow, you become empowered and you define who you are to the universe.
To love me is to know my floors, my inner fears that torment my soul. To know me you have to be completely open-minded and accepting of my all. To know me you just have to be Me.
                                    travel to places beyond your comfort-zone. Travel as often as you can, do it alone, yes the world is a dangerous place but we are adults, we are aware of these dangers, so don't let that stop you from exploring. Stay safe, always let people know where you are. But don't ever use being 'alone' as a reason not to travel. Exploration opens the mind, you see the world differently, you understand more and you judge less. Travel brings lifetime memories required in our later years. 


Get some pretty stuff in your life. Yes your personal style is yours to own but please you must inject something beautiful into your life. Skull and Crossbows are all accepted but something beautiful and pretty to remind you that life isn't always so hard can bring great comfort and create 'warmth' in you heart. I use fabric, Chinz and anything 'girly' to create that ambiance in my life, I will let you choose yours.
Always keep motivated. This is the key to Self Love, you can't stay on track if you have little to awaken that inner spirit required to get through life. We live with constant critique about who we are and what we represent. 'Forget it' your existence should never be determined by anyone other than you. We are all created uniquely and the ingredient for each are special. We are allowed to mix and match but we are never allowed to judge. It takes real courage to stand alone, we are often left alone in our final moments and the In-between episodes are what we are remembered for, so use your time wisely, invest in You first, then share the rest.

Live a Happier life.😘😘😘😘

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